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Reducing energy use is a strategic priority for the European Union (EU) and is becoming increasingly more relevant. Investments in energy efficiency technologies and renewable energy help achieve EU's economic and climate targets while creating economic growth.

About the project

A large portion of energy use is made up by housing and dwellings. The EU's directive on the energy performance of buildings contains several provisions on the improvement of energy efficiency of new as well as existing buildings.

The EFFECT4buildings project aims to increase the number of energy efficiency measures implemented in existing public buildings in the Baltic Sea Region The target group comprises public real estate owners who know what actions are technically possible and have calculations that show that these investments are profitable, but fail to implement the measures due to financial barriers.

The project will result in financial methods that can improve profitability, facilitate funding and reduce the risk of investment in public real estate. Examples of tools are profitability calculations, action packages, contribution optimisation, EPC, multifunctional agreements, green leases and economic models for both production and energy use.




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European Union IT Agency headquarters (completion year 2018). Photo: M. Tomba