Teksti suurus



Mission, vision and values


We support the development of the state by ensuring a high-quality operating and working environment to the people working for the well-being of citizens. 


The strongest real estate company in Estonia employing top professionals where all employees take pride in their work, the company, their co-workers and shared achievements and where clients are the best referees and ambassadors.


We are always aware that the majority of our activities and decisions are constantly in the public eye. The key factor in the successful implementation of the strategy is shared organisational culture and values. Core values support us in meeting our objectives, unite the team and make us successful in our field of work.

We are:


  • We are focused on the objective and solutions. 
  • We are thorough, committed and determined.
  • We know our field of work and are always ready to share our knowledge and contribute to the discussion. 
  • We want to develop and work towards this end.

Keep promises

  • We keep our promises, follow deadlines and adhere to agreements.
  • We are honest, our words and actions are consistent. 
  • Our actions are transparent.
  • We own up to our mistakes and learn from them.
  • We have the courage to take responsibility and take account of the effect of our activities and decisions.


  • We are open to and respectful of ourselves as well as others.
  • We help and support each other, have the ability to listen and to give feedback. 
  • We can talk about our activities and solutions in a simple and clear manner.
  • We value long-term cooperation.

Vastseliina päästehoone (valmis 2018). Foto: M. Tomba